Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summer Scarf . . . in Winter

It all started last May when I made my first summer scarf or “ruffled scarf” by Dana of Made. 100507_0002webI wore it to church a few times, receiving quite a few compliments. Well, next thing I know, one of the ladies in charge of Super Saturday (a day when the ladies at church get together to learn new crafts) said she got a “crafty vibe” from me. She asked me (me!) to teach people to make the summer scarf at Super Saturday.

I agreed to do it, even though I worried about my sewing abilities and the fact that I had only made one. For practice, and in order to have a few examples, I made a couple more scarves. One of them, from the moment I found the fabric, just seemed perfect for my sister-in-law. I recently gave it to her for her birthday, so now I can post pictures.

101231_0002-1aweb101231_0003-1awebIt would have looked better if someone was actually wearing it, but I didn’t want to model it when it was a gift.

I made another, a light blue one that I love. Maybe sometime I’ll take a picture of it. I wore it out to dinner and spilled a little, so I washed it. My spill came out just fine, but the scarf is a bit more crinkly than ruffled now. Oops.

To finish the story about Super Saturday, I didn’t bring my own sewing machine because mine is an old, heavy, relic that I wouldn’t be able to replace if anything should have happened to it. I read through the tutorial and printed up some instructions. Of course, I noticed that there were special instructions for anyone using a Brother brand sewing machine, but I didn’t read them. I had never heard of the brand, and since I’m SO up to date on knowledge of sewing machines (sarcasm), I figured there was no chance someone would bring a Brother sewing machine.

When I got there, several sewing machines were set up for us to use for various projects. As I’m sure you can guess, the sewing machine I started out with was a Brother. I was helping a lady who had to leave soon, and I didn’t realize the problem until we were trying to get the elastic thread to work. She didn’t have time to switch machines; she left with an unfinished scarf. Oh, and previous to that, my water bottle decided to pop open in my purse and soak everything inside and out. Ha! I was off to a great start!

I switched machines, and was able to help several people with their scarves. They even used knits, and I have never sewn knits. They turned out great. There were only a few people who were unable to finish during the time we had, but I sent them home with the instructions and the web address to the tutorial. Whew! I hope next time I let off a “crafty vibe,” I do it with a project with which I have more confidence!

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*personal note: green scarf given to Carolyn


  1. Love the new logo! :)
    At least it was just water in you bag, right? I'm sure you did great at Super Saturday!

  2. LOVE the scarf, I made several and sent them to family for Christmas gifts this year. Thanks for teaching me how!

  3. I've been wanting to make a scarf, and this one is just SO cute!
    Thanks for the idea.

  4. Great job! I bet it was a fun event!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  5. Jocelyn... HOW HAVE I NOT BEEN FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG??? I am now! I love these scarves! And you are as cute as can be modeling them. Way to go doing a "class"... I would've been a wreck!


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