Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Lamb Amigurumi

How was your weekend? I had a wonderful weekend of car shopping, spending time with family, and being uplifted by General Conference.

I’ve also been anticipating a brand new link party on one of my favorite blogs. Just what I need to get me out of my non-blogging rut. Seriously! I have been such a lazy blogger! Can I blame it on the pregnancy? Well, I’m going to. I have to get some perks out of this, right (besides the gorgeous new addition to our family coming this fall)? Here’s a project I finished way back last November but never got around to blogging.

101201_0008-1a webI made this sweet little lamb for a friend who didn’t find out what gender she was having. I thought rather than make something green or yellow, I could make something loveable for a boy or a girl. This is the first time I’ve tried my hand at amigurumi, and it was actually pretty easy. I found this pattern to make the lamb. Maybe I should have made it white and cream like the example, but I fell in love with this grey yarn. It didn’t occur to me until it was finished that a black sheep given to a baby might not have to best connotation. Ha!

The whole shop (Luvlygurumi) is really cute. I’m in love with this little lion. That will probably be the next pattern I buy.

101201_0005-1a webI wanted something to go with it, so I typed out the words to my daughter’s favorite church song, “Jesus is My Shepherd,” in a subway art(ish) format. Excuse the cheap dollar store frame. I knew my friend was such a good decorator that she could paint the frame to go with baby’s room or replace it altogether.

And just to be nice, I’m going to share the PDF of the words in case any of you have a use for them. Click here to get the PDF. The song and words are written by Tammy Simister Robinson. For personal use only, please. If you do download it and use it for something, I’d love to see pictures. E-mail me or leave a comment with a link! And especially let me know if it doesn’t work. This is the first time I’ve tried document sharing.

101201_0018-1a webAnd don’t think I’m crazy, but I thought the lamb’s backside was just so cute that I had to take a picture. You can also see that the wool on the lamb’s head is actually a removable hood.

And now, some pictures of the adorable recipient (he’s much bigger by now, but still just as cute):101201_0031-1a web101201_0020-1a web101201_0037-1a web

Love those little feet!

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*Personal note: given to Alicia/Truman


  1. I love sheep! Thanks so much for the post!

  2. I love that little lamb and the comment about it being a black sheep made me laugh out loud! And the little baby... what a sweetie!
    You should definitely make the lion too. I've never tried amigur... (can't spell it either apparently).

  3. i love this little lamb! learning to crochet is on my list of things to learn how to do. and his back side is very cute!! oh, and that lion is adorable, you should definitely make him too. :)

  4. I just saw that sheep somewhere! His big face scares me a little, though. I just made the cutest elephant amigurimi that I will have to post. Thanks for coming by!!

  5. What sweet pictures of Truman. I know I am the proud Auntie...and I'm a bit biased....but he is just about the cutest baby ever!
    I love the is adorable!


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