Friday, June 17, 2011


110615_0002-1a webI just love to watch these two in their moments of peace.

When no one is pestering, pushing buttons, or being territorial.

The pleasant absence of screams.

When they actually look like they just might possibly be . . . friends.110615_0009-1a web110615_0007-2a web


  1. don't you love how some days those moments are few and far between:>

  2. Wow, I can relate to that. Those moments are rare in my house and I hope to see more of them. The older Harper gets the more of the peaceful moments seem to happen but man, oh man, who would have thought little sisters could egg each other on so much!!! LOL! Have a great weekend! And have fun sewing!!!!

    P.s. The book I'm reading is in the comments on the blog.


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