Tuesday, August 31, 2010

IHF: Photojournalism

Pottery collage

My father-in-law took one pottery class in college and was instantly hooked. All his other plans were set aside, and he has spent years making a living off his great talent. He works in a studio built next to his house. My 4-year-old daughter can sit out there for hours, just watching Grandpa work. Sometimes he lets her join in, handing her a blob of clay to sit and play with while he works. He has even let her try throwing a time or two. I was able to go take a series of photos of him throwing pottery. I know we will always cherish these pictures of Grandpa doing what he loves.


  1. These are beautiful photos. And what an amazing gift he has. I love that he has been able to use it!

  2. Wonderful pictures! I tried throwing it's a lot harder than it looks. What a great talent.

  3. Yes, beautiful pictures...he is so focused (which I know you must need to be, but it is lovely to witness).


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