Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pardon My Drooling

I just LOVE these camera bags from Epiphany. What a stylish way to carry a camera everywhere you go. My favorite is Ginger. It would look so much better than my current camera bag that could easily be mistaken for a mini cooler, as if I’m carrying a cold lunch around with me all the time.epiphany

But that’s just something I want. What I NEED more than that is a good backpack. So I really ought to be drooling over something like this:crumple

It’s much more practical. My friend has one of these Crumpler bags for all her gear, and they are so nice. But is it so bad if I want them both?

And while I’m in the Crumpler shop, I might as well pick up one of these camera straps. I’ve tried one, and seriously, when you put it on your neck, “it’s like buddah.”strap

Could you put all those under my tree this year, Santa Baby? I’ll be extra good.

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