Friday, November 26, 2010

Snapshots of Thanksgiving

There’s a beautiful blog called eighteen25 that started a new link party called Snapshots of Life. You go to their blog on Wednesday to see a listed time. On Thursday, everyone takes pictures of what they were doing at that time of day. And on Friday, we all go back to link up our pictures there on the blog. I’ve never done it before, but I thought it might be fun since this Thursday was Thanksgiving. So here’s what we were up to at 4:00pm yesterday:

101125_0025-1aMy daughters were just finishing watching Sleeping Beauty while playing with doll clothes. These are the same cabbage patch kids and clothes that used to belong to my sister and me as children.101125_0023-1aSee all the clothes? See the sleeping uncle and Grandpa’s resting feet in the background? We ate our Thanksgiving dinner at 2:00, so all the guys were in a turkey coma by this time. Even the dogs are resting (yes, they have their very own couch). 101125_0034-1aTrying to put the clothes on the doll.

101125_0026-1aTrying to put the clothes on herself.

101125_0016-1aMy sweetie, asleep on the couch.

101125_0022-1aMy mother, who was starting to think about pie, as was I.

Hop on over to eighteen25 to see what others were doing on their Thanksgiving afternoon:

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