Sunday, February 27, 2011

IHF: Anything but a Face

The theme at I Heart Faces is rather different this week. They usually ask that a human face be visible in every entry. This week, they want a human but not a face. I knew just what photo I wanted to enter. It may not be earth-shattering as far as photography goes, but it’s meaningful to me.

My hubby reads stories to the girls before bed. I love that time of night because everything calms down. Nothing is required of me. The kids are happy and spending quality time with their dad, who reads to them with all the voices, sound effects, and gusto a little girl could possibly hope for.

And I just feel so content.

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Bedtime Stories


  1. Such a sweet moment... with sweet tootsies! :)

  2. that just warms my heart. :-)


  3. That is precious, Jocelyn... I love it. Hope you are well! :)

  4. Love this so much!!!

  5. I know the feeling. :) What a sweet shot! You'll cherish it forever!

  6. That is good stuff! Neat to have captured those memories with a pic, too.

  7. Lovely image - and the littlest toes are great!


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